Shipping With Chesapeake and Delaware

Our management team has decades of experience seeking, attracting and creating new ways for railroads to serve the existing rail shipper base, as well as new rail shippers, whether they are located directly on the railroad or served through a rail transload facility.

Please reach out to us with any questions you have about your freight rail shipping needs.

Marketing Contacts

Scott Harris - Vice President of Operations and Business Development

833-752-1849 Ext. 707 | Email Scott

John Sobotka - Business Development Lead

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System Map

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Our Connections

Dover and Delaware River (DD)

NS - Phillipsburg, NJ

DRRV - Chester Junction, NJ

DRRV - Wharton, NJ

ME - Lake Junction, NJ

Dover and Rockaway River (DRRV)

DD - Chester Junction, NJ

DD - Wharton, NJ

ME - Lake Junction, NJ

ME - Dover, NJ

Belvidere & Delaware River (BDRV)

NS - Phillipsburg, NJ

Black River & Western (BRW)

NS - Three Bridges, NJ