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Metals, Minerals, Construction and Waste

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For over a century, railroads have been the most efficient way to move bulk metals, minerals, waste and other construction products over land. Our industry supports American steel making by hauling raw materials in and finished products out. We move cement, sand and gravel—all critical for the construction, glass and energy industries—from areas of production to areas of consumption, keeping millions of trucks off our nation’s highways by so doing.

Located through the State of New Jersey, our railroads are within one of the country’s largest origins of scrap metals and municipal solid waste.

If you have the need to move metals, minerals, construction materials or waste by rail, we’re here to help. Contact us today!


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Our Connections

Dover and Rockaway River (DRRV)

Norfolk Southern (NS) - Lake Junction, NJ

Norfolk Southern (NS) - Dover, NJ

Belvidere & Delaware River (BDRV)

Norfolk Southern (NS) - Phillipsburg, NJ

Black River & Western (BRW)

Norfolk Southern (NS) - Three Bridges, NJ