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Railroads move a significant amount of America’s bulk food products, particularly on long-haul moves from the west coast to the east. Transporting bulk bins and packaged products in boxcars, perishable and frozen products in refrigerated boxcars, flour and starch in hopper cars, and various food oils in tank cars, railroads are quite versatile at what they can do for the food production, processing and distribution industries.

Situated throughout the State of New Jersey, our railroads are located within one of the biggest food markets in the United States.

If you’re looking to move fresh, frozen, packaged, or other food products by rail—or you’re looking for warehousing and/or transloading of the same—please contact us today!


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Our Connections

Dover and Delaware River (DD)

NS - Phillipsburg, NJ

DRRV - Chester Junction, NJ

DRRV - Wharton, NJ

ME - Lake Junction, NJ

Dover and Rockaway River (DRRV)

DD - Chester Junction, NJ

DD - Wharton, NJ

ME - Lake Junction, NJ

ME - Dover, NJ

Belvidere & Delaware River (BDRV)

NS - Phillipsburg, NJ

Black River & Western (BRW)

NS - Three Bridges, NJ