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Dover and Rockaway River Railroad

The Dover and Rockaway River Railroad Company, LLC (DRRV) was formed in 2017 to operate the three rail lines owned by Morris County, New Jersey. Operating on the Chester Branch, High Bridge Branch and Dover & Rockaway Branch, DRRV provides freight rail service to Roxbury, Succasunna, Dover, Rockaway and the surrounding area.

DRRV interchanges with the Dover and Delaware River Railroad (DD) at Chester Junction and Wharton, NJ, as well as the Morristown & Erie Railway (ME) at Lake Junction and Dover, NJ.

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Stations Served by DRRV

Station Name - Freight Station Accounting Code (FSAC)

Lake Junction - FSAC 1000

Succasunna - FSAC 1010

Randolph - FSAC 1020

Ferremont - FSAC 2000

Kenvil - FSAC 2010

Ledgewood - FSAC 2020

Roxbury - FSAC 2030

Flanders - FSAC 2040

Bartley - FSAC 2050

Wharton - FSAC 3000

Dover - FSAC 3010

Rockaway - FSAC 3020

DRRV Weights and Clearances

Please see our Height and Weight Restrictions page for clearance information.

Customer Resources

DRRV Freight Tariff FT8001 - Effective March 31, 2019

DRRV Demurrage Tariff FT6002 - Effective March 31, 2019

DRRV System Map

Interactive System Map


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Dover and Rockaway River (DRRV)

DD - Chester Junction, NJ

DD - Wharton, NJ

ME - Lake Junction, NJ

ME - Dover, NJ

System Map

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