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Belvidere & Delaware River Railway

The Belvidere & Delaware River Railway (BDRV) was formed in 1995 to serve industrial customers in the Phillipsburg area of Northwestern New Jersey. BDRV also serves a branch line into Easton, Pennsylvania.

BDRV is a handling line partner of Norfolk Southern Corp. (NS) and interchanges with NS in Phillipsburg, NJ.

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Stations Served by BDRV

Station Name - Freight Station Accounting Code (FSAC)

West Easton - FSAC 67317

Phillipsburg (BDRV) - FSAC 67316

Riegelsville - FSAC 67313

Holland - FSAC 67314

Milford - FSAC 67315

BDRV Weights and Clearances

All BDRV stations are cleared for 286,000 lb. AAR Plate F shipments, and Phillipsburg is cleared for 315,000 lbs.

Customer Resources

BDRV Freight Tariff FT8000 - Effective October 21, 2017

BDRV Demurrage Tariff FT6001 - Effective October 21, 2017

BDRV System Map

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Belvidere & Delaware River (BDRV)

Norfolk Southern (NS) - Phillipsburg, NJ

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